The Ideal Features of IP PoE Extender

Smart Cabling & Transmission Corp. is a reputed supplier of CCTV security system providing IP PoE extender, video balun, surge protector, HDMI DVI VGA over IP, HDMI extender, and VGA extender. The IP PoE extender is highly designed to extend Ethernet data transmitting/receiving while providing power to your Power Device via PoE (Power over Ethernet) without any other power sources.  

The IP PoE extender is designed to extend any TCP/IP devices for long range transmission up to 1.2Km over existing cost effective CAT5 cable. It is completely transparent to protocols, codes, and applications ensuring compatibility with any IP camera and its management software. Further, the IP extender is a perfect solution for sending IP video links to remote camera installation that are beyond the 100 meters distance limit of Ethernet.

What is R-phycoerythrin and Its Advantages?

Phycobiliproteins are stable and water-soluble proteins derived from cyanobacteria and certain algae. As a family of proteins, it has excellent stability, extremely high quantum efficiencies, and highly-water-soluble. Adopting all the advantages of R-phycoerythrin in research or laboratory, it is easy to be conjugated to antibodies and other proteins. Further, large stokes shifts since its excitation and emission bands at visible wavelengths.


There are some notice and tips to reserve well R-phycoerythrin. Ship with ice pack as a suspension in 60% saturated ammonium sulfate and 50 mM potassium phosphate, pH 7.0. They are stable when stored at 2 - 8°C for at least one year. Do not freeze phycobiliprotein solutions. What’s more, phycobiliproteins must be centrifuged before use.

Brief Introduction of Streptavidin-RPE

Streptavidin conjugates are widely used together with a conjugate of biotin for specific detection of a variety of proteins, protein motifs, nucleic acids and other molecules since streptavidin has a very high binding affinity for biotin. This streptavidin-RPE conjugate comprises streptavidin (as the biotin-binding protein) with RPE covalently attached (as the fluorescent label).

It is commonly used as a second step reagent for indirect immunofluorescent staining, when used in conjunction with biotinylated primary antibodies. It is a very valuable tool for biotin-streptavidin-based biological assays and tests using flow cytometry, microplate reader and microarray platforms.

Medical Mounts Add to Saving Space in Hospital

If you need to save space in your clinic, or if you’re simply looking to organize your medical facility, medical equipment wall mounts from MODERNSOLID might be the answer. While some stands and bulky monitors can take up a good amount of space, our medical mounts organize clutter and create a more mobile workspace for you, and a more comfortable space for your patients.


Our medical equipment wall mounts are designed to fit with many of our patient monitors. Our medical mounts feature: it’s an easy way to work and play with their communication devices. From iPad and iPad mini to tablets and smart phones—there's a holder for the device. To complete the system, choose the appropriate mount to be attached to the frame, armrest or tray. More optional mount extension kit lets you add extra length to any mount for you.


Benefits of Point of Care Carts

At the point of care, physicians need instant access to charts, digital images, test results, and lab work. Nurses need to quickly find patient records and make live updates as medications and other treatments are administered. Patient consent forms and releases must be kept confidential and processed as quickly as possible. Accordingly, we can facilitate the point of care cart to streamline the flow of information speeds diagnosis and enables healthcare professionals to deliver faster and more precise treatment.

Prompt access to patients' bedside and other critical desktop applications also reduces time-consuming tasks and enables staff to address more patients in less time. Managing mobile point-of-care carts, workstations, and myriad mobile and fixed devices used at the point of care is a tremendous challenge.


台灣台北2017年1月24日電 /美通社/ -- 經濟部數位內容產品獎頒獎典禮,日前於世貿一館舉行,Kizpad 兒童教育平板榮獲數位學習類冠軍,並由創辦人藍信彰博士代表領獎。Kizpad 兒童教育平板豐富的數位內容、多樣的教育遊戲、簡易的操作介面,讓孩子可以輕易的上手使用。父母也能透過評量系統,了解小孩的使用行為,並發掘小孩的興趣。



Kizpad 兒童教育平板是為不識字的幼童所打造。先由幼教專家制定英文、數學、科學等八大領域課綱,再依課綱設計遊戲。每款遊戲皆經過使用者測試,以確認學齡前兒童能自主操作。因此只要孩子會玩憤怒鳥遊戲,就可以輕鬆上手 Kizpad 的所有遊戲。這些遊戲還會自動調整難易程度,讓孩子不會因遊戲卡關而感到挫折。系統還可以在兒童模式與家長模式之間切換,讓小孩使用起來很簡單,而父母也可一窺小孩的學習進度。Kizpad 為學齡前兒童精心設計的教育遊戲與功能,在幼教界獨具特色引領風潮,因此獲得數位內容獎評審的一致青睞。

數位內容產品獎為經濟部工業局為了促進數位內容產業發展、鼓勵廠商自製遊戲與數位內容而設立的獎項,並規定參賽產品之企劃設計與研發,皆須為台灣的開發團隊自行創作且兼具創意。Kizpad 一路過關斬將,從20件入圍的產品中拔得頭籌,成為數位學習類,唯一獲獎的廠商。

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Kizpad 應華碩邀約 參與幼兒陪伴機器人開發者計劃


    華碩智慧小伙伴 Zenbo 開發者計劃,於21日首度向媒體展示成果。甫獲經濟部數位內容獎的Kizpad成為會場的亮點之一。Kizpad是一個內載上百個教育App並可另外付費下載數位內容的幼兒教育平板,包含:數學、英文、科學等八大類內容。 Kizpad的幼教益智遊戲與故事、兒歌等內容,搭配Zenbo 的微笑、對話等功能,可讓小孩實際與Zenbo 互動遊玩並學到新知識。展示過程讓在場媒體驚呼好萌、好好玩!

   「Kizpad 把教育變遊戲」現除了自有開發的兒童教育平板 Kizpad 2,在今年11月也接獲華碩邀約,雙方嘗試拓展更多樣化的數位科技。Kizpad以高互動性的優質內容、幼教專家研發課綱等特色,實為幼教界的翹楚,此次加入華碩Zenbo開發者計劃,在短時間內雙方快速完成「幼教App遊戲互動」、「故事書播放」、「兒歌帶動唱」的應用,順利展示Kizpad豐富的數位教育內容與 Zenbo的創新智慧互動。

   媒體見面會Kizpad 提供自產的英文「彩色撈魚」「動物攝影」「開車買菜去」、數學「蔬果商店」遊戲App,另外還有3首經典兒歌與3套寓言故事動畫,生動的遊戲畫面搭配Zenbo的聲控對話,如: 玩數學「蔬果商店」,答出正確水果數量,Zenbo 會幫您送水果! 使用者與Zenbo一問一答,互動活潑有趣。另外完成Kizpad遊戲關卡,Zenbo還會搭配開心的轉圈圈動作,播放兒歌有閃爍燈光效果、擺動身軀,讓孩子在使用上可以有如夥伴般的遊戲體驗,活潑的內容驚豔與會嘉賓,完美演繹幼教遊戲與科技的結合。

台北數位樂學股份有限公司行銷公關部 林亞輯
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Kizpad 以參與開發者計劃任此次華碩 Zenbo媒體見面會重要廠商,由胡總經理(左二)代表出席媒體見面會,中為華碩董事長施崇棠。




媒體見面會現場播放Kizpad 的兒歌「巴士跑跑跑」、數學「開車買菜去」遊戲畫面。Image4

眾媒體於開發者互動體驗區參與 Kizpad幼教遊戲與 Zenbo 的實際互動。


現場媒體與嘉賓體驗 Kizpad的遊戲魅力,並透過Zenbo 即時互動,增添玩幼教遊戲的樂趣。

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Industrial Panel PC with HMI

Industrial panel PC is our number one priority and we aim to provide most reliable, efficient and useful technologies and product to improve and advance the industrial grade computers in the field. We offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on our industrial panel PCs. We serve our clients anywhere in the world via our worldwide service. We are committed to provide our customers with the best quality services and knowledge of medical IT.

The industrial panel PC from Cooperate Technology is designed with a human machine interface (HMI) and a Windows system to deliver multi-touch, intuitive functionality. In order to withstand hazardous and harsh conditions, our industrial computers apply high quality components and materials to achieve high-performed touch screen solutions among industrial environments.


前週老公去西服店試穿西服,他穿起黑色西裝來實在太搞笑, 立刻被同行的友人說~服務生我要點餐(哈哈) 本來想說男生容易解決,就黑西裝嘛~ 但老公試穿後, 我又覺得好像和我喜歡一些柔柔、浪漫或有逆光氛圍的畫面太對比會有點不協調, 開始認真煩腦新郎到底要搭什麼才可以帥帥的~ 特別揪他去逛街買衣服,但大部份的成衣穿起來都太休閒沒有要當新郎拍婚紗的感覺~ 很擔心他拍起來像路人和生活照沒兩樣!! 真的是很不忍心自己都穿美美的喜歡的禮服卻讓老公將就~ 無意在朋友臉書發現「兔子威廉」這家西服店, 上臉書搜尋後整個心花怒放,照片看起來 整個正中我心~立馬預約試穿! 店裡的西服主要以出租為主,覺得解決了我的大煩惱啊~ 一定要大力推一下! 因為不用掙扎訂做時到底要訂做實穿款還是比較有造型的款式, 也不用擔心花了大筆訂製費卻只穿一次,下次想再穿又隔了好多年了~~ 來看看我們去試穿的款式

KQNSW76 ZRqSluxXO3ck34

看老公試穿的很high啊, 說每套都很不錯~可能覺得很新奇, 而且衣服的版型都很挺,質感很好~ 平常不穿這類衣服的人, 穿上去都人模人樣的哈哈

 部份款式我們聽店員的建議穿西裝外套搭黑褲子, 用混搭的,整體比較年輕 部份是成套的,連褲子都同花色~ 我覺得上面那套不穿外套用背心搭也很有小時代的fu ~

店裡西服很多都可以搭配我想要拍婚紗的風格, 像是我喜歡的紅磚牆復古背景就可以搭復古格紋的西服, 白紗我一直想去教堂拍,覺得很神聖~ 老公就選直條紋有一點正式但又不老氣的款式, 好有紳士的味道! 而且店裡有蠻多特別款式的襯衫、和領結等配件可以交叉搭配, 不容易和別人完全一樣, 這樣不會讓我覺得大家的新郎都穿的一樣只是換張臉而己 還有另一個讓我必推的點是他們家有出租男生英倫風的牛津鞋!! 天吶!!!! 我一直想買給老公穿,但這種鞋用買的不便宜,平常又穿不太到, 可以用租的整個搭配起來帥氣度大增!! 終於狠狠的擺脫”服務生”的形象! 好啦~我承認老公打扮的帥帥其實純粹是想滿足自己^^ 但發現這家店我真的覺得很讚耶~ 老公穿上癮了,還說婚宴時他也要用租的, 想要和我一樣可以變裝~ 看到老公有這樣的參與感我更覺得非常值得, 畢竟準備婚禮的過程也是屬於回憶的一部份,我們把西服和禮服拼在一起看, 兩個人搭起來的感覺,再想像一樣那天要拍的景合不合適~~ 整個好有畫面啊~~



呼~邊打邊回憶還是覺得好有趣 哈哈先打到這邊, 之後婚紗照出來再跟大家分享囉~

Various Applications for Industrial Touch Monitor

Cooperate Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial touch monitor and waterproof panel PC to offer the most high-effective and high performed touch screen solutions for the buyer of industrial touch monitor and other related waterproof panel PC and industrial computers. Our wide line of rugged industrial touchscreen monitors ideally meets to various different applications.

Ranging from factory automation to food processing equipment are all kinds of applications for our industrial touch monitor, the device with the rugged capability of protecting from rigorous conditions. Cooperate Technology is your best partner for your company’s requirements of industrial computers and related accessories. Further, a custom job from simple turnkey integration to custom chassis are available.