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How to Use Ethernet Cable Tester?

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Ethernet cables are commonly used in network setups.

An ethernet cable tester is a device that is designed to verify whether or not an Ethernet computer network cable is capable of successfully transferring data from "point A" to "point B." If you want to use your network cable tester, you need only to make sure that the actual cable you want to test is hooked up correctly.

     Turn on your ethernet cable tester.

    Plug one end of the Ethernet cable you are trying to test into the "IN" Ethernet input on the network cable tester.

    Plug the other end of your Ethernet cable you are trying to test into the "OUT" input on the network cable tester.

    Press the "Test" button. The network cable tester will send a signal across the Ethernet cable. If the signal gets from one end of the cable to the other, a green light will appear on the device, letting you know that the test was successful. If the signal does not get from one end of the cable to the other, a red light will appear on the device, letting you know that the test was not successful and that the cable is bad.


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Vincent Mesecher

So that's how you use an Ethernet Cable Tester. Learning about this will surely be a good idea, especially for business companies that use a lot of computers in their network.

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Ethernet cable tester is used to assure the capacity of Ethernet in transferring data. Ethernet was originally based on the idea of computers communicating over a shared coaxial cable acting as a broadcast transmission medium. This step is very useful to everyone who wants to know whether they can use Ethernet successfully or not.

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