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The Ignition Parts in the Automobile Ignition Systems

The Function of Jockey Wheel

Jockey wheel 

     From the above picture, we can see clearly the supports under the caravan A-frame. The bolted-on jockey wheel has been moved off to one side to make space for the weight distribution hitch. A wheel cradle under the jockey wheel stops the van moving sideways unexpectedly. The stand under the A-frame opposite the jockey wheel provides very firm support for the front end of the caravan and reduces reliance on the jockey wheel. Both supports under the front end give more flexibility in setting up the van.

       When jockey wheels are subject to a great deal of dust and road grime, the replacement is needed. Foreign particles find their way into the mechanisms of the jockey wheel and in particular cause corrosion and pitting of the ball race and its cup washers – components that take the load when you wind up the front of the caravan. This wear results in a grinding, rough feel as you turn the handle. By replacing the worn or pitted ball race, the jockey wheel can be made to feel like new again. You might also consider a way to keep moisture out of the mechanism if the device is left outdoors for prolonged periods.



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