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Safety Usage of Portable Generator

The portable generator is a device that backup the electricity in emergency. Portable generator manufacturer offers well advices for users. You can follow the tips while using the portable generators in safely and appropriate operation. Below are several methods recommended.  

First, just do not use portable generator at home due to the emission of carbon-monoxide. Second, follow portable generator manufacturer’ suggestions to install the portable generator. Third, plug appliances directly into the generator’s outlet. Finally, use the proper cord to suit for the generator; for instance, use a heavy-duty extension cord for outdoor use to keep the safely usage.


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George B

Thanks for posting about portable generator safety! One of the highest rated portable generators for emission engine durability by the EPA and CARB is the Yamaha EF2000i. You can find more information on this dependable and safe generator at http://realpreparedness.com/yamaha-generator-2000.

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