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Electrical Contacts Rivet for Several Electrical Appliances

The electrical contacts rivet can be widely applied in everywhere need the electronic or electrical flow transforming. To serve a wide range of industries, each with distinct requirements and capabilities for all cold formed parts and cold headed fasteners. There are different kinds of materials used to be made for electrical contacts rivet. Among of all the common materials is pure silver.


Pure silver has a high level of electrical and thermal conductivity, good plasticity and arc corrosion resistance, as well as a very low contact resistance. It is easily soldered and is the ideal contactor material for continuous, enclosed electric connectors. It is one of the most widely used materials in small capacity and low voltage electrical appliances, such as automatic control switches, thermostats, baking machines, oven, timers, thermal relays, and computers. 

Introduction of Rivet Contacts

The rivet contacts are the most practical machine composite part which is available in various materials such as silver or certain silver alloys. The contacts are made from cold bonded in a heading machine to a copper shank rivet backing. Special heading equipment and expertise is used to mechanically bond these two different metals together, both saving money and reducing lead-times. Many industrial applications refer to these as machine composites.


Rivet contacts are widely used for different kinds of fields universally from low current fields such as communications equipment to electric power equipment with high cutoff currents. With the developed header machine, dimensional accuracy has been improved to meet a variety of demands.