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Wire Forming Machine for Prototypes

The wire forming machine, known as wire bending equipment is used for forming different wire forms and for spring leg bending. It is ideally suited for prototypes and small production requirements. Recently, this kind of forming machine is widely used with PC thus facilitate the production line and operation.

Programming can be accomplished at the touch screen or a keyboard and mouse or downloaded from discs or from a network. The easy and extremely operator-friendly, but very sophisticated and powerful software is based on a Microsoft Windows operating system, and designed for inexperienced shop floor personnel. 

The wire forming machines feature the latest electronic advancements. Drives and controllers are based on Sercos interface technology. The wire forming machines are fully electric, with pneumatic sub-systems, if necessary. There is no hydraulic system on the machines, which generally are slow and leak prone. 

Know More about Wire Hanger Machine

The wire hanger has a simple loop of wire, most often steel, in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. Chin Yn Chang Machinery Co. is a professional manufacturer of wire hanger machine. We offer quality machine to produce effective and durable products. In addition, our products are widely sold to various countries such as North America, South America, Caribbean, West Europe, East Europe and etc. 

We can install the wire hanger machines in accordance with different voltage requirements for different countries, and the safety devices of the machines are up to international safety standards. Further, this wire feeding stand can operate automatically. The space needed for the installation of the machine including main frame and wire feeding stands is around 7-meter long and 3-meter wide.