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What’s the Features of Centronic IDC Connectors?

The centronic IDC type connectors are designed for ribbon cable IDC termination. Connecting wires are grouped, so the kind of connector is useful for labor-saving in connection work and enhancing wiring reliability. Being compatible with 1.27-mm (standard) ribbon cables, the 1.27mm centronic IDC connectors are general-purpose, high-performance connectors that are capable of being interconnecting with connectors for other types of ribbon cables.

The ideal features of 1.27mm IDC connectors are the design of fixing cable securely by fixing the ribbon cable camp with a metal plate in the connector. The choices of connectors can be both chassis and panel mounted on the front or back. Also, the cable IDC pitch is 1.27mm (standard) for ease of connecting standard ribbon cables. To make electronic connection efficient and accurate, the IDC connector can meet the demand.


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