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Medical Mounts Add to Saving Space in Hospital

If you need to save space in your clinic, or if you’re simply looking to organize your medical facility, medical equipment wall mounts from MODERNSOLID might be the answer. While some stands and bulky monitors can take up a good amount of space, our medical mounts organize clutter and create a more mobile workspace for you, and a more comfortable space for your patients.


Our medical equipment wall mounts are designed to fit with many of our patient monitors. Our medical mounts feature: it’s an easy way to work and play with their communication devices. From iPad and iPad mini to tablets and smart phones—there's a holder for the device. To complete the system, choose the appropriate mount to be attached to the frame, armrest or tray. More optional mount extension kit lets you add extra length to any mount for you.


Benefits of Point of Care Carts

At the point of care, physicians need instant access to charts, digital images, test results, and lab work. Nurses need to quickly find patient records and make live updates as medications and other treatments are administered. Patient consent forms and releases must be kept confidential and processed as quickly as possible. Accordingly, we can facilitate the point of care cart to streamline the flow of information speeds diagnosis and enables healthcare professionals to deliver faster and more precise treatment.

Prompt access to patients' bedside and other critical desktop applications also reduces time-consuming tasks and enables staff to address more patients in less time. Managing mobile point-of-care carts, workstations, and myriad mobile and fixed devices used at the point of care is a tremendous challenge.


台灣台北2017年1月24日電 /美通社/ -- 經濟部數位內容產品獎頒獎典禮,日前於世貿一館舉行,Kizpad 兒童教育平板榮獲數位學習類冠軍,並由創辦人藍信彰博士代表領獎。Kizpad 兒童教育平板豐富的數位內容、多樣的教育遊戲、簡易的操作介面,讓孩子可以輕易的上手使用。父母也能透過評量系統,了解小孩的使用行為,並發掘小孩的興趣。



Kizpad 兒童教育平板是為不識字的幼童所打造。先由幼教專家制定英文、數學、科學等八大領域課綱,再依課綱設計遊戲。每款遊戲皆經過使用者測試,以確認學齡前兒童能自主操作。因此只要孩子會玩憤怒鳥遊戲,就可以輕鬆上手 Kizpad 的所有遊戲。這些遊戲還會自動調整難易程度,讓孩子不會因遊戲卡關而感到挫折。系統還可以在兒童模式與家長模式之間切換,讓小孩使用起來很簡單,而父母也可一窺小孩的學習進度。Kizpad 為學齡前兒童精心設計的教育遊戲與功能,在幼教界獨具特色引領風潮,因此獲得數位內容獎評審的一致青睞。

數位內容產品獎為經濟部工業局為了促進數位內容產業發展、鼓勵廠商自製遊戲與數位內容而設立的獎項,並規定參賽產品之企劃設計與研發,皆須為台灣的開發團隊自行創作且兼具創意。Kizpad 一路過關斬將,從20件入圍的產品中拔得頭籌,成為數位學習類,唯一獲獎的廠商。

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