Brief Introduction of Streptavidin-RPE
The Ideal Features of IP PoE Extender

What is R-phycoerythrin and Its Advantages?

Phycobiliproteins are stable and water-soluble proteins derived from cyanobacteria and certain algae. As a family of proteins, it has excellent stability, extremely high quantum efficiencies, and highly-water-soluble. Adopting all the advantages of R-phycoerythrin in research or laboratory, it is easy to be conjugated to antibodies and other proteins. Further, large stokes shifts since its excitation and emission bands at visible wavelengths.


There are some notice and tips to reserve well R-phycoerythrin. Ship with ice pack as a suspension in 60% saturated ammonium sulfate and 50 mM potassium phosphate, pH 7.0. They are stable when stored at 2 - 8°C for at least one year. Do not freeze phycobiliprotein solutions. What’s more, phycobiliproteins must be centrifuged before use.


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