Industrial Panel PC with HMI

Industrial panel PC is our number one priority and we aim to provide most reliable, efficient and useful technologies and product to improve and advance the industrial grade computers in the field. We offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on our industrial panel PCs. We serve our clients anywhere in the world via our worldwide service. We are committed to provide our customers with the best quality services and knowledge of medical IT.

The industrial panel PC from Cooperate Technology is designed with a human machine interface (HMI) and a Windows system to deliver multi-touch, intuitive functionality. In order to withstand hazardous and harsh conditions, our industrial computers apply high quality components and materials to achieve high-performed touch screen solutions among industrial environments.

Various Applications for Industrial Touch Monitor

Cooperate Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial touch monitor and waterproof panel PC to offer the most high-effective and high performed touch screen solutions for the buyer of industrial touch monitor and other related waterproof panel PC and industrial computers. Our wide line of rugged industrial touchscreen monitors ideally meets to various different applications.

Ranging from factory automation to food processing equipment are all kinds of applications for our industrial touch monitor, the device with the rugged capability of protecting from rigorous conditions. Cooperate Technology is your best partner for your company’s requirements of industrial computers and related accessories. Further, a custom job from simple turnkey integration to custom chassis are available.

What’s the Most Compact Panel PC for Industrial Markets?

The panel PC Demand 80417A series provided by Cooperate is the most compact and state of the art unit in the line of Cooperate industrial computers. We design modular, fanless panel PC integrated with high-performance LCD displays and user-friendly interactive touch screens to accommodate usages in rugged and water-resistant applications including industrial, medical, marine markets, etc.

Cooperate’s touch screen panel PC are comprehensively designed to withstand the roughness of the industrial and commercial environments. Whether you need waterproof panel computer for use in an industrial plant, an industrial grade computer with a fully multimedia and waterproof screen for use on a ship or a low power unit for control system, we can help you.


台灣台北2016年8月19日電 /美通社/ -- 由台灣中央研究院主辦的國際學術組織太平洋鄰里協會 (PNC),本週在洛杉磯蓋蒂中心召開2016年會,會議主題為數據能建構實境嗎  會中幼兒教育平板廠商 Kizi Lab 提出大數據研究報告,探討幼兒學習效率與學科之間的關聯性及其應用。


鑑於多數家長並非教育專家,也無法有效地從浩瀚的網路世界,幫小孩找齊優質的數位教材和教育遊戲,供小孩自主學習。 從2012年起,台北數位集團旗下的公司 -- Kizi Lab 開始規劃幼兒課綱,並依課綱設計一系列的教育遊戲和數位內容,並建立跨 App 的大數據收集平台,記錄小孩學習過程的一舉一動,再進行數據分析,了解小孩的學習行為。目前 Kizi Lab 公司已經透過其推出的 Kizi Pad 幼兒教育平板,收集到近百萬小時幼兒學習過程的數據,家長可得知自己的小孩把時間花在學習哪些類型的知識、學習時間的比例學習成效如何等

透過此次研討會,Kizi Lab 的幼教顧問湯梓辰博士,分享了許多大數據分析的成果。例如:英文與中文等科目,其學習效率與年齡沒有太大的關係,因此,學習是愈早愈好且多多益善。有些科目,如:數學和科學,則需循序漸進。但研究發現,提前學習數學等科目對小孩而言並沒有任何困難,的確可以讓小孩該方面的能力超越同齡小孩。整體而言,小孩學什麼內容和年齡沒有太大關係,只要順序對了小孩就可以學會超齡的東西。這與「等小孩長大了再學就好」的傳統觀點,有些出入,小孩的確可以贏在起跑線上。Kizipad 利用多元的數據分析,了解使用者的行為與學習的相關性,得到與會各國的數據學者與教育專家的關注及肯定。

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台灣台北2016年4月8日電 /美通社/ -- 一年一度的國際童書業盛事 -- 義大利波隆那童書展,本週隆重揭幕。台灣兒童教育平板領導品牌 -- Kizipad,受邀於四月六日以「把學習變有趣」為題發表演說。Kizipad不論在設計理念、內容品質、及系統完整度上都受到國際同業好評。



此次波隆那書展的數位館,吸引了Google、微軟、以及來自各國的數位童書出版商參與。由於多數業者仍停留在把紙本書變成電子書、再上架到Google Play與Apple Store銷售的階段,這讓Kizipad以遊戲學習為核心的產品鶴立雞群,受到許多海外媒體的關注與採訪,並成為華文出版界唯一應邀在數位館演講的業者。



行銷副理 張藍云

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The IT Products Specialist in the Medical Industry

Onyx is a professional IT company specializing in designing and manufacturing the best, safest and efficient operating products such as medical grade all in one terminal and medical grade panel PC for the medical industry. The patients health and the staff’s convenience if our top priority. We design to win. We employ the absolute high scale engineers to always further improve our current products, always striving to achieve our current and future goals.


We have several certifications that guarantee the legitimacy and safety of our products. With any purchase of our medical grade all in one terminal, medical grade box PC, medical grade computer cart and so on; we are giving away a two year warranty. Visit our website today send in your inquiries, we will be happy to assist you with your purchasing needs.

The Rugged Panel PC for Water Resistant Applications

The rugged panel pc from Wincomm is especially designed for rugged and highly sensitive environments such as marine, medical, food industry, and most is utilized in industrial panel pc applications where high quality and durability is the crucial key. All of the Wincomm rugged panel pcs are fan less design without having air vents and are highly flexible offering expansion capabilities for application specific needs and requirements.    


Wincomm builds rugged panel pc with LCD monitors suited for industrial and commercial applications. Panel mount, rack mount and open frame designs are available in these industrial panel pcs. Wincomm rugged computers products are constructed from solid steel and stainless steel for corrosion resistance applications. Furthermore, the IP56, IP65 ratings are available for applications where dirt, dust, moisture and water are present.

The Brief Introduction of Rugged Panel PC

Wincomm carries rugged panel PC suitable for industrial grade and medical grade industries. Panel mount, Rack mount and Open Frame Designs are available as standard off-the-shelf products in 10" up to 17" sizes. IP66, IP65 ratings, NEMA4X water, dust proof front bezel are all available for wide range of applications and conditions that dust, moisture, dirt, contamination exist.


The rugged panel PC offered by Wincomm features industrial grade LCD touch screen for the best quality viewing angles, and built in HDD module for anti-vibration and shock proof requirements. Furthermore, this series of products support XP, Windows 7 that is generally accommodate to most of systems. For cooling and make the system actually silent, the low power and virtual fan less solutions are also equipped with our industrial panel computer series.

Rugged Panel PC for Harsh Conditions

Wincomm offers a variety of industrial computer series including touch-screen rugged Panel PCs, providing an all-in-one fanless rugged HMI solution, low power consumption, low cost, waterproof, durable and robust design suitable for several harsh environments applications such as marine, military, transportation, utility, logistics, outdoor requirements and more.


Our rugged Panel PC is available in Intel Core i7/i5/i3 options depending on your different needs whether low power or high performance displays. Also, it can be applied for different conditions such as wide temperatures, support with thermal controlling system; underwater operation, which made of water-resistant materials like IP69 and IP68 products and even be pressure washed as well.   

IDC Connector Makes Connecting Ribbon Cable Easier

The IDC type connectors are designed for ribbon cable IDC termination. Connecting wires are grouped, so the kind of connector is useful for labor-saving in connection work and enhancing wiring reliability. Being compatible with 1.27-mm (standard) ribbon cables, the 1.27mm IDC connectors are general-purpose, high-performance connectors that are capable of being interconnecting with connectors for other types of ribbon cables.

The ideal features of IDC type connectors are the design of fixing cable securely by fixing the ribbon cable camp with a metal plate in the connector. The choices of connectors can be both chassis and panel mounted on the front or back. Also, the cable IDC pitch is 1.27mm (standard) for ease of connecting standard ribbon cables. To make electronic connection efficient and accurate, the IDC connector can meet the demand.