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Various Applications for Industrial Touch Monitor

Cooperate Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial touch monitor and waterproof panel PC to offer the most high-effective and high performed touch screen solutions for the buyer of industrial touch monitor and other related waterproof panel PC and industrial computers. Our wide line of rugged industrial touchscreen monitors ideally meets to various different applications.

Ranging from factory automation to food processing equipment are all kinds of applications for our industrial touch monitor, the device with the rugged capability of protecting from rigorous conditions. Cooperate Technology is your best partner for your company’s requirements of industrial computers and related accessories. Further, a custom job from simple turnkey integration to custom chassis are available.

Bathroom Partition Hardware

To set up a building cannot without bathroom partition hardware. Related products include doors, pilasters, latches, headrails, brackets & knobs. Hinges include top & bottom hinges for laminate & metal partitions & surface mounted pair hinges. Latches include twist, slide, throw & universal latches.

The bathroom partition hardware can be provided with the services include engineering design, stamped planning, installation, insulation, deck designing, custom millwork, truss & wall panel manufacturing services, mobile pneumatic workshop, welding, fabricating, heavy equipment & jobsite tool repairing, tool rental & in-house design services. 

Toilet Partitions for High Moisture Environments

All the restroom partition hardware you need for a commercial bathroom installation in one convenient place. From door packs to grab bars to towel and tissue dispensers and more, we stock the parts you need for a professionally finished look. Low maintenance and value-oriented toilet partition hardware is virtually indestructible and ideal for high moisture/high traffic environments. The partition hardware series is perfect for shower stalls, dressing compartments and urinal screens.


Standard hardware includes full height continuous aluminum wall brackets, one piece stainless steel pilaster shoes and integral door hinges. The combination of one inch thick HDPE panels, pilasters and doors and heavy duty corrosion proof hardware make Maghin partitions virtually indestructible. With versatile colors and styles to choose from, there is a Maghin product to solve almost any challenging partition application.

Brief Introduction of Galvanizing Process

There are several steps for galvanizing process in galvanizing equipment. Below are basically four steps for you to follow.


Step 1: Preparation

As the steel products arrive at our plant, they are inspected for drainage and venting requirements. In the staging area, an efficient handling method is chosen to transport the material through the initial cleaning process.


Step 2: Cleaning

The material is cleaned in three steps:

Total immersion in a hot alkali solution to remove organic compounds

Acid pickling removes rust or scale

Fluxing eliminates oxides from the surface of the steel and promotes the proper metallurgical bonding of the zinc in the next step.


Step 3: Hot Dip Galvanizing

The steel is totally submerged in a bath of molten zinc until it reaches bath temperature (approximately 840° F, 449° C) at which time zinc reacts with the steel to form zinc/iron intermetalic layers on all surfaces, inside and out.


Step 4: Quality Inspection

The galvanized steel product is cleaned, weighed and then thoroughly inspected for coating thickness, appearance and compliance with applicable ASTM specifications. Calibrated instrumentation insures efficient inspection.


Plating Equipment for Increased Productivity

Minsun Technology is the leading manufacturer of programmable automatic plating equipment. We produce equipment for barrel plating, rack plating, anodizing, e-coat, autophoretic, and phosphate coating of metal and plastic parts. Computer controlled plating hoists improve productivity and quality for all barrel, rack, basket, and carrier processes. Rugged construction and integrated support systems reduce labor, utilities, water consumption, and improve operational uptime.


Minsun Technology builds automatic and manual barrel plating equipment, rack plating equipment, anodizing equipment, phosphate and chromate coating equipment, and E-coat and autophoretic equipment with single and multiple lift plating hoists up to 15,000 lbs capacity. Available poly, fiberglass, stainless steel, and lined or unlined steel process tank material selection depends on process temperature and chemical resistance. Automated plating barrel load & unload material handling equipment options may include vibratory feeders and scales, and noise abatement enclosures.


The Main Function of Parallel Gear Motor

The parallel shaft gear motors are also called helical or in-line gearmotors because the input shaft and output shaft are parallel to each other. They can be single, double, triple or even quadruple reduction to achieve the desired ratio and output speed. Efficiency can be as high as 99% per stage of reduction so it is always a more energy efficient gear motor than right angle worm gear motors. Because its efficiency is not lost as heat, as it is in a right angle worm gear motor, more of the motors input horsepower is transferred to the output shaft.


Parallel shaft geared motors are the modern version of coaxial geared motors. As a result of their compact and short design, they take up less space than helical geared motors. Parallel shaft geared motors can either have a solid shaft - or alternatively a hollow shaft as so-called plug-on gear unit. This means that the geared motor is optimally integrated into the driven machine. 

Stylish and Robust Toilet Cubicle Added to Your Washroom

Maghin solid and strong cubicle, Maghin blends style and strength to compete in the harshest washroom environments. Maghin stylish toilet cubicle that is competitively priced, Maghin stylish and robust full height toilet cubicle offering ultimate privacy; ideal for offices or retail changing rooms. Not only our best selling cubicle, but also our most versatile and robust cubicles offer economical style. Stuff instantly answers the growing demand for added privacy in the washroom, particularly in the office sector.

Maghin no frills cubicle range that delivers Maghin’s trademark quality and design at affordable prices. We also provide tiny cubicle available for kids and flexible enough to suit all ages and meet all budgets. Our robust and durable toilet cubicles are normally applied for demanding environments. Put it simply, we can ensure we will provide you the most quality cubicles for all your needs.


Main Purpose of Axial Flow Fan

Inline axial flow fan is a kind of ventilator that its motor has been taken out of the airstream which allows the fan to operate at higher temperatures. They are suitable for medium to high volume applications with low pressure development. Furthermore, the axial flow fan is designed to remove hot air, smoke and exhaust gases generated in enclosed interiors during fire.

The fans may be used in comfort and industrial ventilation system as exhaust and venting fans. Used in the special application, the fans can enable evacuation of people from the affected area, make it easier to efficiently tackle the fire, and protect the building structure and its fittings against high temperature, as well as prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboring fire compartments.

Features of Industrial SIROCCO FAN

The sirocco fan offers full ranges of industrial and building ventilating fan widely used in industry process Plant & refrigeration, packaged air conditioner installation. This is quite a simple ready to use heat powered device, that won’t take up much space and doesn't need any power source. The related blowers and fans include axial flow fan, portable ventilator, and jumbo fan in-line turbo fan.


High air flow and static pressure are ideal for effective ventilation. Clock wise and anti-clockwise direction of fan wheel is available. Outlet of fan can be adjusted to various directions. Otherwise, the sirocco fan provides easy and simple installation and maintenance for operators. It can be completely applied in room ventilation, air condition, material drying and so on. 

An Overview of Steel Grating

The steel grating manufacturers are uniquely positioned to provide grating products and services to you and your organization that are unmatched within the grating industry. Our inventory includes: bar grating, steel grating, railroad grating, fiberglass grating, wire cloth, heavy duty bar grating, aluminum bar grating, swaged or welded stainless steel bar grating.

When choose steel grating products, you should according to the application and characteristics of grating. Welded bar grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. Aluminum grating is ideally suited for use in corrosive environments. Expanded metal grating is the most practical and economical way to assure strength, safety, and a non-skid surface.

Compound steel grid grating is composed by steel grid grating of certain load-bearing and checkered plates with thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm. Heavy type steel bar with big gauge is normally chosen in making compound steel grid gratings. As the steel grating manufacturers, our security walkway platform grating with bearing bar 50 steel all ranges of steel gratings and steel bar grating clips.