A Priceless Moment for Bride and Groom to Last Forever

Puremotion catches moments as they are happening. Some of the moments are so precious that even years after, when re-watching the event one can still feel the raw emotion pouring out from the wedding video. The love that blooms between the bride and groom is something that cannot be put a price on, that is what makes our work so special. With our skilled videographers and affordable videography package, we are best at capturing these raw feelings, making our work: pure emotion.


Puremotion Studio is a Brisbane based company offering wedding film, video and photo services to meet every client’s requirements. However, as a starting point for managing your budget, we’ll start with a $2,000 thousand fixed price for both photography and videography package. The pricing is negotiable with the amount of events hours that need to be filmed.


The Special Way to Make Your Day the Most Beautiful Possible

Puremotion Studio is a professional photography and videography studio located in Brisbane, Australia. Puremotion dedicates our time to ensure that your special day is filmed in the most beautiful way possible. With the various cinematography styles we offer. You can customize the look your cinematic wedding film yourself. We wish to establish a strong communicative relationship with you in order to produce the best product that satisfies your requirements.

Wedding cinematography is slightly different than pure videography or documentary. Cinematography incorporates several photography techniques to make your wedding film looks like a romantic motion picture. We capture all the love, emotion, and sentiment on camera and compile them into a video filled with nothing but happiness; for one day you may look back and truly relive the entire day.



A Professional to Help You Preserve the Incredible Memories of Your Day

Puremotion is an Australian based photography and filmmaking studio in Brisbane, serving all areas in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. We offer excellent wedding cinematography services and professional wedding photographers to help you preserve the incredible memories of your special day.

A wedding is the equivalent of a beautiful romantic film. Every marriage has a lovely love story that needs to be told, and that is why we love our jobs so much. To be able to witness such pure love between two people is a privilege; we would like to use our expertise and skills to produce a wonderfully made wedding film for you to one day to look back on. Come in for a free consultation at our studio and our staff will be happy to assist you with your inquiries. Visit us at our website for more details. 

The Love Stores of Newly-wed Couples Captured by Puremotion

Wedding days is the most magical and special day in anyone’s life. It’s a memorable rite of passage that is worth documenting in an elegant style. Puremotion offers excellent and professional wedding cinematography services in Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast areas. Combined with advanced technologies and artistic photography techniques, Puremotion captures the love stories of newly-wed couples in beautifully edited short films.


Puremotion provides cost effective and high qualities filming services for all weddings. Everything from the proposal, ceremony to guest reception, we will do it all. All you need to do is enjoy your big day with your loved ones and let us record all the beautiful moments that are worth looking back at one day. Our professional videographers will take care of everything from planning, filming and editing. Leave all the technical troubles. We will have a professional produced wedding video ready for you in no time. 

A Special Record on the Happiest Day of Your Life

Your big day is coming up, and you would like to preserve all the special moments of this day. With Puremotion Studio, all the happy memories have never looked so glamorous and filled with love and joy. Storytelling is what we love to do, each love story is unique and we would like to help you tell it through beautifully wedding cinematography that you can share with your loved ones.


Puremotion Studio brings you the most professional, detailed, and elegant wedding cinematography. We customize our cinematic techniques based on the location, time and your requirements in order to record your romantic love story on your wedding day in the best way possible.


Serving in Sydney, Gold coast and Brisbane area, Puremotion studio has done many weddings cinematography since its establishment. We guarantee to provide you with the best, high definition, high quality productions, that even years after when you look back at it, it’ll feel as if you were reliving that happiest day of your life. 

Puremotion Captures the Purest Emotion of Your Big Day

Wedding photography
is an essential part of a wonderful wedding. Being able to have your wedding moments taken in photographs is like being able holding a piece of true love in your hand. Puremotion Studio specializes in capturing the purest emotion of each moment. Based in Brisbane, Puremotion is currently serving all areas in Brisbane, Sydney, and Gold Coast. From the wedding proposal, to the ceremony, to the guest receptions, Puremotion offers the best services and package for your special day.


Wedding photography is our passion; your big day is our big day. From the setting of the wedding venue, to the beautiful gowns of the bridesmaids, everything shall be wonderfully and professionally photographed for your personal album. Whether you are hosting your event right here in Brisbane or any other destination in the world, just let us know and we will come to you. Come in for a free consultation at our studio. We will personalize a service package deal just for you!

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A Unique Way to Document the Wedding Moments

Puremotion Studio is an innovative Brisbane wedding cinematography company.
Applying an artistic style and personal perspective, we take it a step above videography and produce cinematic wedding films that are as unique as the couples that star in them.


We believe that a wedding is a journey of not only the person getting married but also of all those people who are attached to him or her in some way or the other and of all those who helped him/her in becoming who he or she is. It’s an overwhelming narration of the past and the sparkling light of the delightful future of the bride and the groom all packaged in a “LARGER THAN LIFE” magnified imagery extravaganza and hence needs the special “cinema style filming,” which is also referred to wedding cinematography, filmed by not just a wedding videographer but an experienced “Wedding Cinematographer”.

Wedding Capturer for Your Big Day

Being one of the few wedding photographers who hold a certificate from the Professional Photographers of Australia, Brisbane Puremotion Studio is the right choice for couples looking for a professional with a passion for their works. Simplicity and authenticity are key values that are at the core of Puremotion’s work. We are detail-oriented and extremely sensitive to the surroundings.


Weddings are our passion. They are days full of details and plans, tears and smiles, tiny touches and grand gestures. Our wedding photographer delights in documenting the candid story of you special day as each chapter unfolds, knowing that you will delight in the reliving of it each time you see your photos. From the details to the emotions and all the surprises in between, we can’t wait to capture your day!