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LED Lights Benefits Environmental Protection Tasks

The LED bulbs are heavy duty and built to outlast most consumer grade LED bulbs. The LED Light bulb uses approximately 1/8th the energy of a traditional bulb while often times producing more light. In recent days, many LED light manufacturers produce different options of LED products for customers.


The LED light output is comparable to incandescent and halogen products and can be used for both distance and close-range directional light. What makes these special is that they achieve their brightness with up to 84% less energy than the bulbs they replace, and they last up to 30,000 hours. These bulbs are the perfect solution for those almost impossible to reach places. Imagine no more dangerous balancing acts replacing hard to reach light bulbs.

LED Bulb Manufacturer in Industry

AIXEN LITE is a professional LED Bulb manufacturer of LED lighting products. Our LED Bulbs are manufactured in high quality with high technology that carrying excellent thermal management to guarantee a long service life as well as a direct replacement for halogen bulbs. Full rages of specifications are included for examples, high power 3.6W, 4W, 6W, 7W, 9W, and 10W, etc.


Our LED bulbs have no UV or IR radiation. Applications are for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable. We provide high-quality power LED bulb and competitive price. We are certainly a trusted partner while you searching for a professional LED Bulb manufacturer to meet your business or residential needs.  

New Technology for Fruit Packaging: Laser-cut Logo

There are many applications in laser cutting provided by the laser machine factory; nowadays, it is raising a new technology in laser-cut label applying on the fruits. This is the great way to reduce pollutions produced by packaging and can be clearer to see label or the logo on the fruits.

Compared to the traditional laser machine factory, the manufacturer is able to print logos onto the appearance of fruits either apples or bananas without damaging the fruit itself. The brand new technology can be read by a barcode scanner, too.

However, the original technology is not used by lasers; it was the use of two chemicals, iron oxides and hydroxides, which make lasers clearer.

Why Choose Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse?

We will consider that which material to choose when we build up a greenhouse. And of all glasses and polycarbonate always make us confused that which one is better. Accordingly, in the following will offer some tips to help you choose.


Using polycarbonate sheet to be a raw material for greenhouse provides great resistant and better insulation due to its UV-protective substance. Because of the quality of polycarbonate sheet, it will keep temperature for a long time. Also, the polycarbonate panels are ribbed that will spread the sunlight better than the glass material.

Moreover, polycarbonate sheet is quite more durable that is stronger than the glass equivalent, also meaning lower maintenance costs.

Compared to glass greenhouse, polycarbonate panels don’t need sealing so that makes it cheaper, faster and simpler to assemble. And because polycarbonate sheet is lighter than glass material, the former one is easier to ship, meaning fewer delivery delays and costs.


Above all, there are several strengths of polycarbonate sheet for building a greenhouse. When you need to have a choice to purchase which material for the greenhouse, do not hesitate to pick the polycarbonate sheet.  


5 Stages of the Plastic Recycling Process

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Plastic recycling is the term given to the processing of waste plastic which turns old or scrap plastic in to a useable product which can then re-enter the manufacturing chain.
In order for the plastic to be in a suitable format for re use in manufacturing environments such as by injection moulding companies the waste or scrap plastic, needs to go through several recycling processes.

Stage One – Sorting the Plastic

Firstly the waste plastic needs to be collected by the recycling company, once the plastic arrives at the recycling plant the first stage is sort the plastic in to the specific types, plastic recycling is more complex than that of metal or glass recycling due to the many different types of plastic and more importantly mixed plastic cannot be used in manufacturing without delivering poor quality products, hence why plastic recycling companies need to be thorough when it comes to sorting the waste plastic in to the different forms prior to the next stage in the recycling process.

Stage Two - Washing Waste Plastic

Once the waste plastic has been identified and separated in to one of its many forms the cleaning process can begin, this usually starts with washing to remove paper labels, adhesives and other impurities, all the labels on your plastic containers, bottles and even your wheelie bin need to be completely removed as these will lower the quality of the finished recycled plastic.

Stage Three- Shredding the Plastic

The shredding stage is when the waste plastic is taken and loaded on to conveyor belts or directly in to huge hoppers that funnel the clean scrap towards rotating metal teeth that rip the plastic in to small pellets which are bagged up afterwards ready for testing.

Stage Four – Identify and Classify the Plastic

Once the shredded plastic has been bagged it is then chemically tested and labelled as to its exact specification, this rGrade plastic can be used as is by adding to a mix of virgin plastic in a manufacturing run, alternatively the rGrade plastic can be further recycled.

Stage Five - Extruding

This is the final stage in recycling plastic, this involves melting the clean shredded plastic and extruding in to the form of pellets which then go on to manufacture the next lot of plastic products.

Reasons to Recycle Plastic

Millions of tons of waste plastic end up in landfill when the vast majority of it can be recycled, it’s all too easy for us to throw away rubbish without a second thought but we need to take care of our planet and not just reduce the amount of rubbish we bury but also given that plastic is derived from oil a natural product with ever depleting resources it makes sense to recycling as much as possible. Recycled products are becoming more popular and are set to continue as oil exploration moves to ever more hostile and difficult to reach locations, which will of course result in prices of products made from oil will increase.

How Plastic Recycling Machine Works?

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Plastic recycling machine is a well-established industry that globally processes and resells several million tons of used plastic material each year. Rather than operating merely out of environmental necessity, plastic material recovery services can be both cost-efficient and productive, saving resources for a range of different manufacturing applications. The recycling and reclamation field also encompasses the industrial processes by which plastic materials are separated into their base monomers and made available for further polymerization at secondary and tertiary levels.

While the plastic recycle industry was originally focused on recovering manufacturing scraps and byproducts left over from initial plastic fabrication, present-day recycling services are capable of reclaiming heterogeneous post-consumer goods as well. The methods employed by material recovery systems tend to vary according to the type of plastic being processed, but there are some essential practices common to most recycling services. Stages such as sorting, cleaning, size reduction, separation, and pelletizing can be found in most plastic recycling operations. Likewise, the machinery used to achieve these processes generally falls into a handful of equipment categories.

Solar Battery Could Alter Dramatically Home Energy Use

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Solar batteries are designed to offer reliable, consistent, and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas. The batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge operation. The Life of solar battery is dependent on the ambient temperatures and the number of times it is cycled and the depth of discharge. It is applied widely in household lighting, street lighting and in rural and urban cellular telecom installations. In the next couple years, the use will be increased by governmental agencies in the new and renewable energy.


Renewable energy is constantly evolving and challenging traditional utilities but solar battery could make power much easier to use and cut customers’ dependence on energy companies dramatically. Solar batteries allow homes and businesses to store solar power to use in the hours of darkness and can also help create “smart grids” that react to sudden power swings and free stored energy when needed.

Solar Street Lights - Eco-friendly Way of Living


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Looking for ways to save the cost of lighting expense? Solar street light is the definitive answer for you. Operated by solar energy, it provides high illumination with economical cost. For such locations as pathways, trails, streets, roadways, and so on, solar street light offers lighting for the location where power supply is insufficient or inaccessible. It features light disassembled module, which makes it easy to install. You shall finish assembling it in few steps whilst saving more shipping cost.


Adopting the innovative 100lm/W LED lamps that increases 20% brightness with less power consumption endows solar street light with longer lifespan compared with normal ones. Solar power not only saves your cost by a large margin, but also stands as an eco-friendly energy that does zero harm to our environments.

Beautify Yourself but Don’t Uglify Our Earth

Global warming is the issue and the fact that we are familiar with in recent years. With the continued global warming, the current marginal grasslands could turn into deserts as rainfall patterns change. Beside, climatic anomaly would affect you and me in the most direct way. So far, have you ever think what you can do to mitigate the problem with person power? In fact, there is an efficient way to do especially to women, which is to recycle cosmetic containers such as cosmetic jars and bottles.


A study from US shows American women use at least 12 or more bottles or jars of skin care product and cosmetic, on the contrary, men use about 6. With so many cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars, what’s your way to deal with them especially those bottles with residue? It is believed that people who are lazy would just recycle with residue or even throw them away without recycle. In fact, the behavior is a great damage to our environment.





However, in order to encourage recycling and energy saving, Kiehl’s established the activity of “Recycle and Be Rewarded”. With one empty cosmetic bottle you can get a stamp. 3 empty cosmetic containers for a lip balm. 5 empty cosmetic containers for travel collection products. 10 empty cosmetic containers for a full size product. Since the inception of the Recycle and Be Rewarded program in April 2009, Kiehl’s customers have returned over 500,000 empty bottles to be recycled. Depending on different countries, the method or reward would be different. Hence, for more information, please visit the website.




In conclusion, the love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature, but we also need to take our environment issue in consideration. Even without such program like Kiehl’s, it is still our responsibility to do the recycle in the most efficient way.


Save Your Energy by Using the Renewable Solar Energy

Solar energy
       When it comes to solar energy, the one question that most people grapple with is how to increase the efficiency and output of their systems. There are two solutions to this problem. One is to increase the number of solar panels one is having and the second method is to increase the efficiency of the existing panels. The second option largely depends on the kind of solar mounting rack in place and is much cheaper. It calls for the use of solar rack to increase the panels’ exposure to the sun to tap more solar energy. The conventional way of solar mounting has been to use a roof rack where the panels are raised on the roof for sunlight exposure. However, this method of solar mounting faces serious challenges when there is the presence of trees and other obstacles as this will limit the sun exposure.

       Solar outdoor lighting system has become a leading alternative source of energy in the present where the prices and costs for several kinds of energy sources are skyrocketing. This is because the source is absolutely free from the sun.  Most homes are being lit up by this new way as more people rich and poor look for a way to cut on the huge energy bills. A good advantage of this source of energy is that it can be used for various purposes and even though it may cost a lot initially to purchase the equipment, this expense will later be recouped as the savings are huge and if one does proper solar mounting they stand to gain even more.

       The other alternative is the use of ground mounting especially for solar landscape lighting. This kind of solar mounting makes use of a pole and solar rack. This is done depending on the sunlight’s frequency to a certain point. It also allows for easy access and maintenance. It is also affordable as one will not be forced to change the roof structure to accommodate the solar panels. The solar rack mounting on the ground also causes little interference with the appearance of the home and compound. However when choosing this option one has to consider the security of the place especially the case of vandals.