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LED Lights Benefits Environmental Protection Tasks

The LED bulbs are heavy duty and built to outlast most consumer grade LED bulbs. The LED Light bulb uses approximately 1/8th the energy of a traditional bulb while often times producing more light. In recent days, many LED light manufacturers produce different options of LED products for customers.


The LED light output is comparable to incandescent and halogen products and can be used for both distance and close-range directional light. What makes these special is that they achieve their brightness with up to 84% less energy than the bulbs they replace, and they last up to 30,000 hours. These bulbs are the perfect solution for those almost impossible to reach places. Imagine no more dangerous balancing acts replacing hard to reach light bulbs.

LED Bulb Manufacturer in Industry

AIXEN LITE is a professional LED Bulb manufacturer of LED lighting products. Our LED Bulbs are manufactured in high quality with high technology that carrying excellent thermal management to guarantee a long service life as well as a direct replacement for halogen bulbs. Full rages of specifications are included for examples, high power 3.6W, 4W, 6W, 7W, 9W, and 10W, etc.


Our LED bulbs have no UV or IR radiation. Applications are for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable. We provide high-quality power LED bulb and competitive price. We are certainly a trusted partner while you searching for a professional LED Bulb manufacturer to meet your business or residential needs.  

Brief Introduction of Dough Moulder

The dough moulder is completed with patented, spring-loaded roller systems and fully adjustable side guides. These low-stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour, as well as traditional artisan breads. With superior oven jump and a seamless finish, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labor costs and increase the quality of your product.


These dough moulder series posses gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. It is used for moulding all types of breads and buns. This compact design, with the pressure plate underneath the machine, returns the product to you making this unit a “one person” operation. A new feature is adjustable curvature pressure plates. All plates that are 12″ and wider can be adjusted from flat to concave or to convex, to control the amount of taper formed in your products or eliminate any taper.

Bathroom Partition Hardware

To set up a building cannot without bathroom partition hardware. Related products include doors, pilasters, latches, headrails, brackets & knobs. Hinges include top & bottom hinges for laminate & metal partitions & surface mounted pair hinges. Latches include twist, slide, throw & universal latches.

The bathroom partition hardware can be provided with the services include engineering design, stamped planning, installation, insulation, deck designing, custom millwork, truss & wall panel manufacturing services, mobile pneumatic workshop, welding, fabricating, heavy equipment & jobsite tool repairing, tool rental & in-house design services. 

Toilet Partitions for High Moisture Environments

All the restroom partition hardware you need for a commercial bathroom installation in one convenient place. From door packs to grab bars to towel and tissue dispensers and more, we stock the parts you need for a professionally finished look. Low maintenance and value-oriented toilet partition hardware is virtually indestructible and ideal for high moisture/high traffic environments. The partition hardware series is perfect for shower stalls, dressing compartments and urinal screens.


Standard hardware includes full height continuous aluminum wall brackets, one piece stainless steel pilaster shoes and integral door hinges. The combination of one inch thick HDPE panels, pilasters and doors and heavy duty corrosion proof hardware make Maghin partitions virtually indestructible. With versatile colors and styles to choose from, there is a Maghin product to solve almost any challenging partition application.

How to Read Your Electric Meter?

There are two types of electric meter: dial meter and digital meter. According to different specifications, they have different instructions to follow. For dial electric meter, always write down the number the pointer has passed (this is not necessarily the nearest number to the pointer). So if the pointer is anywhere between, say, 4 and 5, write down 4. If the pointer is directly over the figure, say 5, write down that figure and underline it.  

This reading now requires adjusting to eliminate small variations to the pointer positions. Look at the figures underlined. If one of these is followed by a 9, reduce the underlined figure by 1. The correct reading in this example is 44928.

As with the digital meter, when you've worked out this reading, subtract the previous reading shown on your bill to find the number of electricity units used.

Strengths for Mini Projectors


Nowadays, everyone tends to choose a product being convenient and portable. In terms of this opinion, mini projector becomes a must buy merchandise due to easy-carried. In the following will provides several details to elaborate the advantages of mini projectors.


1. Portable

Being portable is the main idea of possessing a mini projector. With the small size this can be carried around wherever you go. No matter you are desired to have a business travel with a mini projector presenting your reports; or you want to watch DVDs or play video games while traveling abroad. It is the best choice for you to have one in handy.

2. Space

A mini projector, namely, it is smaller than the traditionally full-sized one can save more spaces whether in a house or in a bag. This device will make you house look simpler and will not be taken up much spaces. Mini projector can be installed without keeping it in permanent position.  

3. Convenience

Owing a mini projector is in the way of viewing media on a large screen that does the same job as widescreen television. However, a mini projector has more strengths in terms of cost and power saving. Furthermore, due to be made use of an LED light, it has no lamp replacement will be required.   
4. Wide usages

It is available in many devices, such as PC, cell phone, iPod or digital camera for TV output. The mini projector can be used especially to display the images from the media to have clearer pictures. It is cost effective that you can have your own little theater in your house while there are no redundant spaces.

Gun Cabinet: Your Guns Need A Home Too

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gun cabinet is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms, and, or ammunition for those guns. Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access to unauthorized or unqualified persons, for burglary protection, and, in more capable safes, to protect the contents from damage during a flood, fire, or natural disaster. Access prevention is required by law in many places, necessitating a gun lock, metal gun cabinet, or gun safe. Gun safes have largely replaced the gun cabinets made of fine stained wood with etched glass fronts used for display that were commonly used decades ago, although some gun safes are made to resemble such gun cabinets.

Gun safes may include additional security features such as fire or water protection, combination lock, digital lock, and fingerprint identification.

Electronic locks as well as mechanical locks are available on many models of safes. The highest reliability exists for mechanical locks, although they are often more time consuming to open than electronic locks. Some mechanical combination locks have key locks, too, that lock the combination lock dial from turning, thereby precluding casual attempts by anyone with physical access to the safe from trying multiple combinations in the hopes of unlocking the safe.

Some safes use live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal to ensure the secure protection of its contents. Some safes provide only protection against burglary and unwanted access from young family members, while other safes provide additional protection against fire and flood and other natural disasters.


Making Your Home Safe For Baby

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Your baby is on the way, and there is a lot to think about. Besides making sure that you have baby furniture and clothing for your new son or daughter, you'll want to check that your home is safe. These tips can help you cover all the safety bases.

Before you bring baby home:

  • Remove pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals from the crib to prevent your baby from suffocation.
  • Check to see that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working. Place at least one smoke detector on each level of your home and in halls outside of bedrooms. Have an escape plan in case of fire.
  • Put emergency numbers, including poison control, near each phone. Have at least one phone in your home connected by land line. Cordless phones do not work when the power is out, and cellphone batteries can run out.
  • Make sure your home or apartment number is easy to see so fire or rescue can locate you quickly in an emergency.
  • Make sure handrails are installed and secure in stairways. Always hold the handrail when using stairs, especially when holding your baby.

Your baby will be crawling before you know it. Most babies begin crawling around six to nine months. Crawling on your hands and knees will reveal many dangers to your baby. Thinking ahead to the toddler years will help you to take care of other hazards before your baby grows and finds them first. Here are some things to do before your baby is crawling:

  • Cover all unused electrical sockets with outlet plugs.
  • Keep chords out of baby's reach. Tack up chords to vertical blinds and move furniture, lamps, or electronics to hide chords.
  • Secure furniture and electronics, such as bookcases and TVs, so they cannot be pulled down on top of your baby.
  • Use protective padding to cover sharp edges and corners, such as from a coffee table or fireplace hearth.
  • Install safety gates at the bottom and top of stairwells or to block entry to unsafe rooms.
  • Use safety latches on cabinets and doors.
  • Store all medicines, cleaning products, and other poisons out of baby's reach.
  • Remove rubber tips from doorstops or replace with one-piece doorstops.
  • Look for and remove all small objects. Objects that easily can pass through the center of a toilet paper roll might cause choking.
  • Keep houseplants out of baby's reach. Some plants can poison or make your baby sick.
  • Set you water heater temperature to no higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is hotter can cause bad burns.
  • Closely supervise your baby around a family pet. Pets need time to adjust to a new baby.

How To Beak Into Most Digital Safes


This tutorial will show you how to break into pretty much any digital safe it is a easy way to get into a safe if you have lost your key, the batterys run out or you just are getting into mischive. I dont care if you do use this for bad, but just on your head be it.

This obviously wont work on bank safes but lots of other household and hotel safes