Discrete Wire Connector Introduction

The discrete wire connector is ideally designed for a stackable pitch up to 12 positions, with common housings available to secure and protect terminated components. Don Connex offers a flexible solution with one part number accommodating multiple wire gauges. And our discrete wire connector is especially designed with redundant electrical connection points plus strain relief for ensuring stable operation while under the extreme temperature, vibration, shock and stress.

With rich experiences in the electrical connector field, Don Connex built reputation from its broad selection of product line. All of our connectors and cable assemblies are made in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility. We build to your customized specifications and every product we make is best quality tested.

Electrical Contacts Rivet for Several Electrical Appliances

The electrical contacts rivet can be widely applied in everywhere need the electronic or electrical flow transforming. To serve a wide range of industries, each with distinct requirements and capabilities for all cold formed parts and cold headed fasteners. There are different kinds of materials used to be made for electrical contacts rivet. Among of all the common materials is pure silver.


Pure silver has a high level of electrical and thermal conductivity, good plasticity and arc corrosion resistance, as well as a very low contact resistance. It is easily soldered and is the ideal contactor material for continuous, enclosed electric connectors. It is one of the most widely used materials in small capacity and low voltage electrical appliances, such as automatic control switches, thermostats, baking machines, oven, timers, thermal relays, and computers. 

Introduction of Rivet Contacts

The rivet contacts are the most practical machine composite part which is available in various materials such as silver or certain silver alloys. The contacts are made from cold bonded in a heading machine to a copper shank rivet backing. Special heading equipment and expertise is used to mechanically bond these two different metals together, both saving money and reducing lead-times. Many industrial applications refer to these as machine composites.


Rivet contacts are widely used for different kinds of fields universally from low current fields such as communications equipment to electric power equipment with high cutoff currents. With the developed header machine, dimensional accuracy has been improved to meet a variety of demands.

Differential Shafts for Various Applications

E-Ton differential shafts use specialized steel produced to rigorous standards demanded by our OEM truck and SUV manufactures. The heat treat and forging operations used to produce our differential shafts are designed to produce shafts that will withstand the high use demands on all applications. E-Ton processes to roll the splines ensure optimal strength and durability of each E-Ton Shaft.

What sets genuine differential shafts assemblies apart from the knockoffs? Application-specific design and engineering, quality materials, precision manufacturing processes, and statistically controlled testing processes are what differentiate E-Ton products from competitors. Hence, we are absolutely the trustful and reliable company that you can rely on.

Expander Rolls for Slow Speed Machines

The expander roll is known as bow rolls, spreader rolls, bowed rolls, curve bar expanders, banana rolls, camber rolls, and wrinkle removing rolls. E-Ton Co., Ltd. provides expander rolls series which are available in rubber surface, hard chrome surface and also Teflon covering for non-sticking applications. It is highly applied for slow speed machines like coating cloth coating machines, artificial leather cloth before Batching machine etc.   

Hard chrome surface curve bar expander is used where speed is more than 300 meters minutes. If the speed is more, the bigger diameter is used to reduce the rpm of the roll. Further, the slat expander rolls are also available in wooden slat with felt covering and with aluminum slats available in 6” diameter 8”diameter & 12” diameter in any working width.

Medical Grade Box PC for Hospitals

Onyx health care is a professional medical grade box PC company. Onyx is dedicated to design, upgrade and manufacturer top quality medial equipments for hospital and clinical facility. Onyx is a reliable supplier of medial IT products; we carry everything from nursing carts to medical grade box PCs. Awarded with ‘’Taiwan Excellence Award, Taiwan Superior Brand 2009’’ and ‘’Best choice’’ for product design, Onyx is a leading supplier and manufacturer in this medical IT industry.


Each model has different core and processors. MedPC 2000 and MedPC 5800 are utilized in the same areas such as pharmaceutical industry, biotech labs, signage in hospitals and operating rooms. And the MedPC 5500 is designed for recording hospital and drug store information system.

Manufacturer of Ignition Coils and Ignition Parts

Safe Guard La is a company established in 1975 in Taiwan. We are a manufacturer and supplier of products such as ignition coils, ignition distributors, airflow, sensor, radiator, wiper motors, cooling fans, etc. 30 plus years of operation, Safe Guard has been developed and designed many equipments that we now distribute to companies all around the world. We offer first class services and high quality products and lifetime limited warranty on all of our products.


The series of ignition coil contains very specific ignition coils for each individual brand and car model. Currently in stock we have ignition coils for the following car brand: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chrylser, and Mazda. Each ignition is designed for a selection of specific models. All of our products are made with top quality; ISO9001 certified.


Know More about Wire Hanger Machine

The wire hanger has a simple loop of wire, most often steel, in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. Chin Yn Chang Machinery Co. is a professional manufacturer of wire hanger machine. We offer quality machine to produce effective and durable products. In addition, our products are widely sold to various countries such as North America, South America, Caribbean, West Europe, East Europe and etc. 

We can install the wire hanger machines in accordance with different voltage requirements for different countries, and the safety devices of the machines are up to international safety standards. Further, this wire feeding stand can operate automatically. The space needed for the installation of the machine including main frame and wire feeding stands is around 7-meter long and 3-meter wide. 

Waterproof Panel PC to Survive in Any Rough Conditions

The waterproof panel PCs made by Wincomm are designed specifically for industrial panel PC applications such as industrial automation HMI, in vehicle, kiosk, digital signage, beverage and medical. The most outstanding features of these industrial waterproof panel PCs include flat bezel, stainless steel, water-resistant and ultra slim. Open frame industrial PCs are also designed for flexibility.


Wincomm offers a wide application of waterproof Panel PC series which are specifically designed for rugged use in military, marine, petroleum and industrial automation applications. Our highly efficient rugged panel pc is based on IP67 military standard design and also IP66 rated design in order to be survived in any difficult environments and dangerous conditions.

The Brief Introduction of Rugged Panel PC

Wincomm carries rugged panel PC suitable for industrial grade and medical grade industries. Panel mount, Rack mount and Open Frame Designs are available as standard off-the-shelf products in 10" up to 17" sizes. IP66, IP65 ratings, NEMA4X water, dust proof front bezel are all available for wide range of applications and conditions that dust, moisture, dirt, contamination exist.


The rugged panel PC offered by Wincomm features industrial grade LCD touch screen for the best quality viewing angles, and built in HDD module for anti-vibration and shock proof requirements. Furthermore, this series of products support XP, Windows 7 that is generally accommodate to most of systems. For cooling and make the system actually silent, the low power and virtual fan less solutions are also equipped with our industrial panel computer series.