Medical Grade Box PC for Hospitals

Onyx health care is a professional medical grade box PC company. Onyx is dedicated to design, upgrade and manufacturer top quality medial equipments for hospital and clinical facility. Onyx is a reliable supplier of medial IT products; we carry everything from nursing carts to medical grade box PCs. Awarded with ‘’Taiwan Excellence Award, Taiwan Superior Brand 2009’’ and ‘’Best choice’’ for product design, Onyx is a leading supplier and manufacturer in this medical IT industry.


Each model has different core and processors. MedPC 2000 and MedPC 5800 are utilized in the same areas such as pharmaceutical industry, biotech labs, signage in hospitals and operating rooms. And the MedPC 5500 is designed for recording hospital and drug store information system.

Time Recorder for Tracking Employee Attendance

Time recorder is an efficient tool that can easily keep track of employee attendance. It is easy to use and can clearly displays each check-in time on the designated log; it can greatly benefit those companies that regulate hourly pays. The time recording machines that we currently have in stock are over abundant, you are surely to find what you need.


Our time recorders are subdivided into specific categories so you may find what you like. This includes: guard tour checkpoint system, calculating electronic time recorder, 4 column time recorder, 6 column time recorder and mechanical time recorder. The clock auto adjusts for daylight time saving and has a fully programmable hour display and imprint (12/24 hours). It even has programmable automatic hour adjustment for Summer/Winter time change.

Manufacturer of Ignition Coils and Ignition Parts

Safe Guard La is a company established in 1975 in Taiwan. We are a manufacturer and supplier of products such as ignition coils, ignition distributors, airflow, sensor, radiator, wiper motors, cooling fans, etc. 30 plus years of operation, Safe Guard has been developed and designed many equipments that we now distribute to companies all around the world. We offer first class services and high quality products and lifetime limited warranty on all of our products.


The series of ignition coil contains very specific ignition coils for each individual brand and car model. Currently in stock we have ignition coils for the following car brand: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chrylser, and Mazda. Each ignition is designed for a selection of specific models. All of our products are made with top quality; ISO9001 certified.


Different Types of Screwdriver Bits

Are your screwdriver bits milled or forged?  Most of the bits are forged for many reasons such as life, performance, prompt delivery and better production. Why is this important? The medium bits are recommended for driving standard (soft) screws and for impact use.  Extra hard bits are suitable for driving heat-treated or case hardened screws, such as sheet metal or self-tapping and self-drilling screws.  


The screwdriver bits are in the medium hard range and also provide additional flex as needed in some applications such as Torq-Set or Tri-Wing Bits. How do I determine if my bit failed due to being too hard or soft? In general soft bits will round while hard bits will shatter. Sometimes trial and error provides the best information.

LED Lights Benefits Environmental Protection Tasks

The LED bulbs are heavy duty and built to outlast most consumer grade LED bulbs. The LED Light bulb uses approximately 1/8th the energy of a traditional bulb while often times producing more light. In recent days, many LED light manufacturers produce different options of LED products for customers.


The LED light output is comparable to incandescent and halogen products and can be used for both distance and close-range directional light. What makes these special is that they achieve their brightness with up to 84% less energy than the bulbs they replace, and they last up to 30,000 hours. These bulbs are the perfect solution for those almost impossible to reach places. Imagine no more dangerous balancing acts replacing hard to reach light bulbs.

LED Bulb Manufacturer in Industry

AIXEN LITE is a professional LED Bulb manufacturer of LED lighting products. Our LED Bulbs are manufactured in high quality with high technology that carrying excellent thermal management to guarantee a long service life as well as a direct replacement for halogen bulbs. Full rages of specifications are included for examples, high power 3.6W, 4W, 6W, 7W, 9W, and 10W, etc.


Our LED bulbs have no UV or IR radiation. Applications are for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable. We provide high-quality power LED bulb and competitive price. We are certainly a trusted partner while you searching for a professional LED Bulb manufacturer to meet your business or residential needs.  

Brief Introduction of Dough Moulder

The dough moulder is completed with patented, spring-loaded roller systems and fully adjustable side guides. These low-stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour, as well as traditional artisan breads. With superior oven jump and a seamless finish, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labor costs and increase the quality of your product.


These dough moulder series posses gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. It is used for moulding all types of breads and buns. This compact design, with the pressure plate underneath the machine, returns the product to you making this unit a “one person” operation. A new feature is adjustable curvature pressure plates. All plates that are 12″ and wider can be adjusted from flat to concave or to convex, to control the amount of taper formed in your products or eliminate any taper.

Rice Color Sorter for Grains Processing Solutions

Jietai Technology offers the rice color sorter machine for effectively separating defects of black tipped, chalky, yellow, mouse droppings, immature grain, etc. Our color sorting machine for rice or grains is striving to get great solutions and high quality purified rice. Hence, it is possible to sort out miscellaneous cereals and all the foreign bodies contained in polished rice simultaneously the first time in the world.

Sorting accuracy at the speed of light using timing-designed cameras, products are scanned 100,000 times per second, creating sorting accuracy that is unachievable by any other method. Images are converted using high speed, 2048 pixel, and high-resolution CCD technology, for extreme accuracy in detecting down to 0.12mm defects. Our machines are capable of offering good accuracy and high sensitivity specifications to keep pace with the international standard. 

The Important Electrical Components for Solid State Relay



       Installing any electrical system is tedious, but maintaining it can also be an issue at times. Correct maintenance and using equipment wisely seldom go hand in hand. People have all sorts of issues with mishandled equipment. It advisable to have an experienced technician to do servicing and replace spares if and when necessary. Electrical equipment that usually gets handled badly is the heat sink of solid state relay and SCR thyristor. Thyristors installed on devices where a lot of power is required to be controlled. Without thyristors controlling power within high power machines like welding machines would be difficult. Thyristors can be customized to suit different requirements.


       Heat sinks and the SSR heat sink is exposed to regular wear and tear and needs to be replaced continuously. Apart from being devices that absorb heat, they also protect the underlying devices shelf life. There are different types of SSR heat sinks available in the markets, which are capable of meeting different requirements. One is the solid state relay heat sinks; these are designed to control alternating currents from 120V right up to 600V (VAC). They provide zero voltage switching and 2.5K VAC isolation between terminals. Since these are relay heat sinks they switch off by themselves when there is excess load.

       Another important component is rectifier diode, A rectifier diode is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). The primary application of this kind of item is to derive DC power from an AC supply. Virtually, all electronic devices require DC power supply; as a result, rectifier diode functions inside the power supplies from almost all kinds of electronic equipments. It is used to supply polarized voltage for welding, or as a detector of radio signal.