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Cosmetic Machine for Cosmetic Industry

Shang Yu Machine Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing chemical processing machines for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries for over 30 years. We produce various machinery, such as cosmetic machine, vacuum homogenizer, high speed mixing machine, filling machine for cream or paste products, filling machines for liquid product, powder mixer and related equipment for lipstick and compact powder.


Shang Yu Machine Co., Ltd. owns independent R & D department, the main work is to make improvement of our cosmetic machines and equipment and do research for new equipment. We also provide consultant service, discuss with user to get more ideas and requests, in order to build the proper equipment to meet customer's requirements. 

Advantages of Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer

It is apparent that automatic vacuum emulsify mixer used to manufacture the high viscosity products, especially for cream and ointment, often encounter the problem of air bubbles occurring in products during agitation due to oxidation processes, which lessen the quality of products. The automatic vacuum emulsify mixer equipment can eliminate this problem and increase the smoothness and fineness of products. 

The combination of special designed high speed emulsifying head and low speed blade agitator with attached scrapers allows to achieve a high efficiency of mixing & homogenizing process. The mixture is sucked through the narrow gap between the high speed rotating rotor and fixed stator of emulsifying head. Due to the turbine effect of emulsifying head, the circulation of product in the mixing vessel is formed.

Features of Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer

The automatic vacuum emulsify mixer is the production of various types of cosmetic products including medical ointment, creams cosmetics, powders and other necessary equipment emulsion products. The aircraft structure is simple, easy to operate. The appearance of novel is reliable performance. This machine is the pharmaceutical equipment. Moreover, this mixer can be broadly applied in various applications including biology, cosmetics, chemical, food, oil and other customers the best choice for mass production.

The automatic vacuum emulsify mixer takes great advantages and can be used for substance of supper high viscosity (beyond 500000C.P.S). For easy operation, raw materials can be fed automatically and be absorbed into the groove by directly through this machine. Furthermore, whole process can be controlled automatically by buttons. Whether vacuum, heating and cooling completed by one mixer. It can be controlled by time, and it also has the ability of recording the goods.

New Technology for Fruit Packaging: Laser-cut Logo

There are many applications in laser cutting provided by the laser machine factory; nowadays, it is raising a new technology in laser-cut label applying on the fruits. This is the great way to reduce pollutions produced by packaging and can be clearer to see label or the logo on the fruits.

Compared to the traditional laser machine factory, the manufacturer is able to print logos onto the appearance of fruits either apples or bananas without damaging the fruit itself. The brand new technology can be read by a barcode scanner, too.

However, the original technology is not used by lasers; it was the use of two chemicals, iron oxides and hydroxides, which make lasers clearer.

PET Preform Process - The Birth of Water Bottles

PET Preform process can be easily accomplished by our machines. The machine we are presenting here is the leading among the industry. Because of the excellent quality and prefoming performance, our machines have successfully been adapted by global business.

Featured in undertaking max, extrusive capacity 65 kgs/hr, the water bottles, of which heating capacity (barrel) is 14 kw, are set up to handle the screw speed range 20 ~ 75 (PE)/rpm. Besides, the screw diameter is Ø75 mmm, and the bottle heating zone (barrel) contains 3 points, certainly bringing convenience and ease for each client while in using.

We, Chia Ming, are know as on e of the leading bottle manufacturers in Taiwan, and are good at manufacturing plastic bottles. With decades devoted in this industry, we made ourselves a very reputed provider by supplying the best quality bottles manufacturing machinery. We are not only one of the leading suppliers in Taiwan, but also a bottle manufacturer that works long-term business relationship with many international corporations; they chose us because of our reliability and professionalism. Being one of the leading suppliers, we always think ahead of our clients, and know how to meet their satisfactions.


Bag Inserter

Wunderlampe is a highly-qualified, Taiwan-based supplier and manufacturer of Fully Automatic Bag Inserter. The supplier has been recognized as one of the most professional manufacturers in the industry since 1990s. With both experience and innovation, the supplier is also confident of providing buyers with quality of Fully Automatic Four Side Sealing Machine.

The Bag Inserter is suitable for carton bag stress hygiene such as frozen food, processed food products, agricultural products, food oil, etc. Bag inserter can decrease human resource and material cost. Wunderlampe packaging machinery is suitable for various food, electronic products, stationery, plastic products, hardware, screws, beverages, etc. It also can cooperate with different packaging machinery peripheral. Easy to operate and adjust can save work time to increase production.

Four Side Sealing Machine

Wunderlampe is a highly-qualified, Taiwan-based supplier and manufacturer of Fully Automatic Four Side Sealing Machine. The supplier has been recognized as one of the most professional manufacturers in the industry since 1990s. With both experience and innovation, the supplier is confident of providing buyers with quality of Fully Automatic.

LB-2000F/LC-2000 is fully-automatic four side sealing machine with CE certification. It is suitable for sealing different materials, such as furniture, hardware, bathroom appliances, electronics and many others. This product has automatic conveyor, delivering belt, seal and then shrinkage, a marvelous 4-in-1 packaging equipment.