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Cosmetic Machine for Cosmetic Industry

Shang Yu Machine Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing chemical processing machines for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries for over 30 years. We produce various machinery, such as cosmetic machine, vacuum homogenizer, high speed mixing machine, filling machine for cream or paste products, filling machines for liquid product, powder mixer and related equipment for lipstick and compact powder.


Shang Yu Machine Co., Ltd. owns independent R & D department, the main work is to make improvement of our cosmetic machines and equipment and do research for new equipment. We also provide consultant service, discuss with user to get more ideas and requests, in order to build the proper equipment to meet customer's requirements. 

Advantages of Automatic Vacuum Emulsify Mixer

It is apparent that automatic vacuum emulsify mixer used to manufacture the high viscosity products, especially for cream and ointment, often encounter the problem of air bubbles occurring in products during agitation due to oxidation processes, which lessen the quality of products. The automatic vacuum emulsify mixer equipment can eliminate this problem and increase the smoothness and fineness of products. 

The combination of special designed high speed emulsifying head and low speed blade agitator with attached scrapers allows to achieve a high efficiency of mixing & homogenizing process. The mixture is sucked through the narrow gap between the high speed rotating rotor and fixed stator of emulsifying head. Due to the turbine effect of emulsifying head, the circulation of product in the mixing vessel is formed.

Cosmetic Machine Manufacturer

We are a leading cosmetic machine manufacturer, exporter and supplier of superior quality Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Food, Confectionery and Allied Industries, etc. Our exclusive range includes Powder Mass Mixer, Multi-Mill, Ribbon Blenders, Ribbon Blades, V Blender, Coating Pan, Polishing Pan, Rota Cube Blender, etc. These products are precisely engineered using cutting-edge technology and high quality raw material. Our professionals manufacture these products in compliance with international quality standards. Owing to their outstanding features and excellent performance, our products are widely demanded in the industry.

Shang Yu’s cosmetic machine and equipment meet the ever-changing demands of the cosmetic and personal care industry by accommodating challenging container shapes, sizes, and a wide range of viscosities.  Our equipment will accurately dispense products that are water-thin to viscous gels, mascaras to lipstick, shampoos, serums, lotions, and creams. 


Pharmaceutical Machine

Pharmaceutical Machine is known as double cone mixer and corn shaped mixer, which is wide in the middle and narrow at the both ends. Inside the equipment are baffles in the middle of the Pharmaceutical Machine, when the powder or granules rolling up an down in the drum and hit the middle baffles, the best mixing result can be reached. 

Yenchen was established in 1967, and with over 40 years' professional experience, now we have become the leading pharmaceutical machine supplier in Taiwan. Our products and services are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, chemical, and cosmetic fields, which include solid dosage line, pellet machine production line, syrup line, injection line, oitment line, extraction & concentration turn key equipments. More specifically, our main products include Pellet Machine,
High Shear Mixer, Coating Machine, Pharmaceutical MachineFluid Bed Dryer, and Extraction Machine. In 2006, our new production factory with over 6000 square meters is completed, which with clean and well organized environment that help us to provide better service facilities to our clients.