Flexible Conduit Connector for Weather-resistant Requirements

As the leading manufacturer of flexible conduit connector and other electrical connectors in Taiwan, Bliss Yih Enterprise also offers complete selection of product line including flexible metal, flexible conduit connector, fittings, shielding or tubing conduit for our worldwide customers. We provide UL/cUL listed flexible conduit connectors that offer the most reliable performance.


With various functions and specifications, our high quality products will truly present different requirements for different situations such as dustproof, waterproof, contaminant protection, high tension and more. Especially, our durable connectors are flame retardant and liquid tight, resistant to weak acids, chemical, oil, alcohol, common solvents and gasoline. The connection can be ensured of fully protection in different hazardous areas

Outstanding Performances of Foton Trucks

From its very beginning in Beijing, China, Foton has focused on combining the power of linkage innovation to independent research and development for dramatic new product advancements. Every Foton is built for safety and to meet the highest levels of fuel efficiency and logistical economy. Foton truck and vehicles are setting global standards every day. Foton Trucks have devised line-up with performance, reliability and value for money as key priorities.


Macarthur Foton is proud to bring such a robust and versatile range of trucks to market, and to offer customers such outstanding value. Packed with features, the Foton Truck range is ready for business. The heart of every Foton truck is a high-output Cummins engine that has been designed to deliver outstanding power and torque together with industry-leading economy and reliability.

Foton Parts for Commercial Automotive Industry

In order to maintain your truck in ideal condition, as designed and manufactured by Foton, it is necessary to fit original parts that are supplied exclusively in trade-marked boxes, through the official Foton Trucks dealer network. Our mission is simple: to provide the best Foton parts and service to our customers at the lowest prices. Foton Truck dealer technical staffs receive comprehensive training on our products and are absolutely committed to keeping your truck on the road.

With access to parts distribution centers around the world, we are ready to respond to your Foton parts requirements. Shiyan Great Man Automotive Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd takes great pride in our commitment to customer service, the products we sell and our company. Find the most affordable Foton truck parts with customer service you can count on.  

Bathroom Partition Hardware

To set up a building cannot without bathroom partition hardware. Related products include doors, pilasters, latches, headrails, brackets & knobs. Hinges include top & bottom hinges for laminate & metal partitions & surface mounted pair hinges. Latches include twist, slide, throw & universal latches.

The bathroom partition hardware can be provided with the services include engineering design, stamped planning, installation, insulation, deck designing, custom millwork, truss & wall panel manufacturing services, mobile pneumatic workshop, welding, fabricating, heavy equipment & jobsite tool repairing, tool rental & in-house design services. 

Toilet Partitions for High Moisture Environments

All the restroom partition hardware you need for a commercial bathroom installation in one convenient place. From door packs to grab bars to towel and tissue dispensers and more, we stock the parts you need for a professionally finished look. Low maintenance and value-oriented toilet partition hardware is virtually indestructible and ideal for high moisture/high traffic environments. The partition hardware series is perfect for shower stalls, dressing compartments and urinal screens.


Standard hardware includes full height continuous aluminum wall brackets, one piece stainless steel pilaster shoes and integral door hinges. The combination of one inch thick HDPE panels, pilasters and doors and heavy duty corrosion proof hardware make Maghin partitions virtually indestructible. With versatile colors and styles to choose from, there is a Maghin product to solve almost any challenging partition application.

Stylish and Robust Toilet Cubicle Added to Your Washroom

Maghin solid and strong cubicle, Maghin blends style and strength to compete in the harshest washroom environments. Maghin stylish toilet cubicle that is competitively priced, Maghin stylish and robust full height toilet cubicle offering ultimate privacy; ideal for offices or retail changing rooms. Not only our best selling cubicle, but also our most versatile and robust cubicles offer economical style. Stuff instantly answers the growing demand for added privacy in the washroom, particularly in the office sector.

Maghin no frills cubicle range that delivers Maghin’s trademark quality and design at affordable prices. We also provide tiny cubicle available for kids and flexible enough to suit all ages and meet all budgets. Our robust and durable toilet cubicles are normally applied for demanding environments. Put it simply, we can ensure we will provide you the most quality cubicles for all your needs.


Safety Usage of Portable Generator

The portable generator is a device that backup the electricity in emergency. Portable generator manufacturer offers well advices for users. You can follow the tips while using the portable generators in safely and appropriate operation. Below are several methods recommended.  

First, just do not use portable generator at home due to the emission of carbon-monoxide. Second, follow portable generator manufacturer’ suggestions to install the portable generator. Third, plug appliances directly into the generator’s outlet. Finally, use the proper cord to suit for the generator; for instance, use a heavy-duty extension cord for outdoor use to keep the safely usage.

How to Prevent from Scalding Risk from Domestic Hot Water Systems?

Recently there are raising lots of issues about the scalding risk from domestic hot water storage tanks, which are derived from the pressure vessel. It is needed to observe and perceive a warning from the domestic hot water systems, so here comes to plenty of steps to reduce potential menaces.

1. The owners should be aware of warning signs. You should focus on abnormal noises from the hot water systems; it may indicate possible thermostat failure and overheating of the water in the hot water storage tanks.

2. Domestic hot water storage tanks should be placed on a reliable and durable supporting base. There are emerging the accidents due to the plastic storage tank being not supported across their entire area. Namely, the base of the tank is over the edge of the base support board. 

3. The cut-out devices should be safely used in single rather than dual rod thermostat. The immersion heater thermostat should be independent that can be used to control the temperature of the stored water if the thermostat fails.

As the private domain application of pressure vessel, domestic hot water storage tanks also have dangerous and fatal risks in the ordinary life. Nonetheless, operate it properly can reduce the risks and keep safe as well.


Gun Cabinet: Your Guns Need A Home Too

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gun cabinet is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms, and, or ammunition for those guns. Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access to unauthorized or unqualified persons, for burglary protection, and, in more capable safes, to protect the contents from damage during a flood, fire, or natural disaster. Access prevention is required by law in many places, necessitating a gun lock, metal gun cabinet, or gun safe. Gun safes have largely replaced the gun cabinets made of fine stained wood with etched glass fronts used for display that were commonly used decades ago, although some gun safes are made to resemble such gun cabinets.

Gun safes may include additional security features such as fire or water protection, combination lock, digital lock, and fingerprint identification.

Electronic locks as well as mechanical locks are available on many models of safes. The highest reliability exists for mechanical locks, although they are often more time consuming to open than electronic locks. Some mechanical combination locks have key locks, too, that lock the combination lock dial from turning, thereby precluding casual attempts by anyone with physical access to the safe from trying multiple combinations in the hopes of unlocking the safe.

Some safes use live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal to ensure the secure protection of its contents. Some safes provide only protection against burglary and unwanted access from young family members, while other safes provide additional protection against fire and flood and other natural disasters.


Making Your Home Safe For Baby

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Your baby is on the way, and there is a lot to think about. Besides making sure that you have baby furniture and clothing for your new son or daughter, you'll want to check that your home is safe. These tips can help you cover all the safety bases.

Before you bring baby home:

  • Remove pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals from the crib to prevent your baby from suffocation.
  • Check to see that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are working. Place at least one smoke detector on each level of your home and in halls outside of bedrooms. Have an escape plan in case of fire.
  • Put emergency numbers, including poison control, near each phone. Have at least one phone in your home connected by land line. Cordless phones do not work when the power is out, and cellphone batteries can run out.
  • Make sure your home or apartment number is easy to see so fire or rescue can locate you quickly in an emergency.
  • Make sure handrails are installed and secure in stairways. Always hold the handrail when using stairs, especially when holding your baby.

Your baby will be crawling before you know it. Most babies begin crawling around six to nine months. Crawling on your hands and knees will reveal many dangers to your baby. Thinking ahead to the toddler years will help you to take care of other hazards before your baby grows and finds them first. Here are some things to do before your baby is crawling:

  • Cover all unused electrical sockets with outlet plugs.
  • Keep chords out of baby's reach. Tack up chords to vertical blinds and move furniture, lamps, or electronics to hide chords.
  • Secure furniture and electronics, such as bookcases and TVs, so they cannot be pulled down on top of your baby.
  • Use protective padding to cover sharp edges and corners, such as from a coffee table or fireplace hearth.
  • Install safety gates at the bottom and top of stairwells or to block entry to unsafe rooms.
  • Use safety latches on cabinets and doors.
  • Store all medicines, cleaning products, and other poisons out of baby's reach.
  • Remove rubber tips from doorstops or replace with one-piece doorstops.
  • Look for and remove all small objects. Objects that easily can pass through the center of a toilet paper roll might cause choking.
  • Keep houseplants out of baby's reach. Some plants can poison or make your baby sick.
  • Set you water heater temperature to no higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is hotter can cause bad burns.
  • Closely supervise your baby around a family pet. Pets need time to adjust to a new baby.