Testing Instrument

The Accurate Electric Test Equipment, Digital Multimeter

  Digital-multimeter-l      Modern multimeters are often digital due to their accuracy, durability and extra features. In a digital multimeter (DVOM), the signal under test is converted to a voltage and an amplifier with electronically controlled gain preconditions the signal. Thie multi meter displays the quantity measured as a number, which eliminates parallax errors.

       The digital multimeter may have an embedded computer, which provides a wealth of convenience features. The measurement enhancements available for this electric test equipment include:

  1. Auto-ranging: it selects the correct range for the quantity under test so that the mostsignificant digits are shown.
  2. Auto-polarity for direct-current readings, shows if the applied voltage is positive (agrees with meter lead labels) or negative (opposite polarity to meter leads).
  3. Sample and hold, which will latch the most recent reading for examination after the instrument is removed from the circuit under test.
  4. Current-limited tests for voltage drop across semiconductor junctions.
  5. A graphic representation of the quantity under test, as a bar graph.
  6. A low-bandwidth oscilloscope.
  7. Automotive circuit testers, including tests for automotive timing and dwell signals.
  8. Simple data acquisition features to record maximum and minimum readings over a given period, or to take a number of samples at fixed intervals.
  9. Integration with tweezers for surface-mount technology.
  10. A combined LCR meter for small-size SMD and through-hole components.