Differential Shafts for Various Applications

E-Ton differential shafts use specialized steel produced to rigorous standards demanded by our OEM truck and SUV manufactures. The heat treat and forging operations used to produce our differential shafts are designed to produce shafts that will withstand the high use demands on all applications. E-Ton processes to roll the splines ensure optimal strength and durability of each E-Ton Shaft.

What sets genuine differential shafts assemblies apart from the knockoffs? Application-specific design and engineering, quality materials, precision manufacturing processes, and statistically controlled testing processes are what differentiate E-Ton products from competitors. Hence, we are absolutely the trustful and reliable company that you can rely on.

Expander Rolls for Slow Speed Machines

The expander roll is known as bow rolls, spreader rolls, bowed rolls, curve bar expanders, banana rolls, camber rolls, and wrinkle removing rolls. E-Ton Co., Ltd. provides expander rolls series which are available in rubber surface, hard chrome surface and also Teflon covering for non-sticking applications. It is highly applied for slow speed machines like coating cloth coating machines, artificial leather cloth before Batching machine etc.   

Hard chrome surface curve bar expander is used where speed is more than 300 meters minutes. If the speed is more, the bigger diameter is used to reduce the rpm of the roll. Further, the slat expander rolls are also available in wooden slat with felt covering and with aluminum slats available in 6” diameter 8”diameter & 12” diameter in any working width.

Have a Ratchet Screwdriver in Your Toolbox

Having a ratchet screwdriver in your toolbox becomes common used and easy in hand to operate. This hand tool can fix your screw effectively with cheap price and user-friendly. Hence, this type of screwdriver can work with easy steps.

First, choose the right bit to suit for your screwdriver. You should ensure that your tool will handle all types of screws. Next, insert your bits into the hole on the blade of the screwdriver tightly with your thumb and fingers.


When you start your screwing you should know the merit of ratchet screwdriver is its ratchet with easy adjust and efficient screwing. So, you can use your screwdriver with effortless operation. Just hold the screw in position and put the bit of the screwdriver into the screw, making sure you have the correct size bit. 

Different Types of Screwdriver Bits

Are your screwdriver bits milled or forged?  Most of the bits are forged for many reasons such as life, performance, prompt delivery and better production. Why is this important? The medium bits are recommended for driving standard (soft) screws and for impact use.  Extra hard bits are suitable for driving heat-treated or case hardened screws, such as sheet metal or self-tapping and self-drilling screws.  


The screwdriver bits are in the medium hard range and also provide additional flex as needed in some applications such as Torq-Set or Tri-Wing Bits. How do I determine if my bit failed due to being too hard or soft? In general soft bits will round while hard bits will shatter. Sometimes trial and error provides the best information.

LED Lights Benefits Environmental Protection Tasks

The LED bulbs are heavy duty and built to outlast most consumer grade LED bulbs. The LED Light bulb uses approximately 1/8th the energy of a traditional bulb while often times producing more light. In recent days, many LED light manufacturers produce different options of LED products for customers.


The LED light output is comparable to incandescent and halogen products and can be used for both distance and close-range directional light. What makes these special is that they achieve their brightness with up to 84% less energy than the bulbs they replace, and they last up to 30,000 hours. These bulbs are the perfect solution for those almost impossible to reach places. Imagine no more dangerous balancing acts replacing hard to reach light bulbs.

Bathroom Partition Hardware

To set up a building cannot without bathroom partition hardware. Related products include doors, pilasters, latches, headrails, brackets & knobs. Hinges include top & bottom hinges for laminate & metal partitions & surface mounted pair hinges. Latches include twist, slide, throw & universal latches.

The bathroom partition hardware can be provided with the services include engineering design, stamped planning, installation, insulation, deck designing, custom millwork, truss & wall panel manufacturing services, mobile pneumatic workshop, welding, fabricating, heavy equipment & jobsite tool repairing, tool rental & in-house design services. 

Toilet Partitions for High Moisture Environments

All the restroom partition hardware you need for a commercial bathroom installation in one convenient place. From door packs to grab bars to towel and tissue dispensers and more, we stock the parts you need for a professionally finished look. Low maintenance and value-oriented toilet partition hardware is virtually indestructible and ideal for high moisture/high traffic environments. The partition hardware series is perfect for shower stalls, dressing compartments and urinal screens.


Standard hardware includes full height continuous aluminum wall brackets, one piece stainless steel pilaster shoes and integral door hinges. The combination of one inch thick HDPE panels, pilasters and doors and heavy duty corrosion proof hardware make Maghin partitions virtually indestructible. With versatile colors and styles to choose from, there is a Maghin product to solve almost any challenging partition application.

Stylish and Robust Toilet Cubicle Added to Your Washroom

Maghin solid and strong cubicle, Maghin blends style and strength to compete in the harshest washroom environments. Maghin stylish toilet cubicle that is competitively priced, Maghin stylish and robust full height toilet cubicle offering ultimate privacy; ideal for offices or retail changing rooms. Not only our best selling cubicle, but also our most versatile and robust cubicles offer economical style. Stuff instantly answers the growing demand for added privacy in the washroom, particularly in the office sector.

Maghin no frills cubicle range that delivers Maghin’s trademark quality and design at affordable prices. We also provide tiny cubicle available for kids and flexible enough to suit all ages and meet all budgets. Our robust and durable toilet cubicles are normally applied for demanding environments. Put it simply, we can ensure we will provide you the most quality cubicles for all your needs.


Comprehensive Toilet Partitions with Comfort and Speed

We are a toilet partition hardware manufacturer available in a variety of washroom partition series. We sell replacement hardware for toilet partitions, urinal screens, privacy screens, shower stalls, and dressing compartments. For bathroom remodeling projects where the panels, doors, and pilasters are still in good condition but the hardware needs replaced, we sell latches, hinges, U shaped brackets, pilaster shoes, and headrail accessories to help revamp the stalls and screens. 


If your stall hardware has broken or rusted from years of use, Maghin offers zamac, stainless steel, aluminum, and solid plastic hardware to spruce up the bathrooms without a complete overhaul of the existing partitions. Toilet partition hardware from Maghin Corporation provides the comfort and convenience that are important with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Features of Industrial SIROCCO FAN

The sirocco fan offers full ranges of industrial and building ventilating fan widely used in industry process Plant & refrigeration, packaged air conditioner installation. This is quite a simple ready to use heat powered device, that won’t take up much space and doesn't need any power source. The related blowers and fans include axial flow fan, portable ventilator, and jumbo fan in-line turbo fan.


High air flow and static pressure are ideal for effective ventilation. Clock wise and anti-clockwise direction of fan wheel is available. Outlet of fan can be adjusted to various directions. Otherwise, the sirocco fan provides easy and simple installation and maintenance for operators. It can be completely applied in room ventilation, air condition, material drying and so on.